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Why does Bent Pixels claim videos on YouTube?
Bent Pixels claims YouTube videos on behalf of major media partners.  Our clients own the rights to content that is frequently used in YouTube videos. As a service business, we are contracted by these companies to claim videos that include their copyrighted content on their behalf.  Our proprietary rights management software finds copyrighted material missed by Content ID. For information on how these services will benefit your brand or media company, contact us.
Who are Bent Pixels partners?

Bent Pixels works with major media and rights holders of content including FUNimation, UFC, RLJ Entertainment, Image Entertainment, CollegeHumor, Well Go USA Entertainment, MNet, Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Alan Watts, among others.  As an example, FUNimation owns and licenses the rights to over 1200 properties such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Fairy Tail and many more popular titles.  For more information on the titles licensed by Funimation, please visit www.funimation.com.

Who can I contact at Bent Pixels if I have a question about a claim?
If you have a question about a specific claim, please contact claims@bentpixels.com.
What is the process to dispute a claim?
Information on the YouTube dispute process for content claims is available here.


What can Bent Pixels do for my channel?
Bent Pixels offers various exclusive services including free partner applications, sponsorship opportunities, and premium channel support. Some of our apps include free access to TubeBuddy, Epidemic Sound’s royalty-free music library, Epoxy’s social video management software, and Magic Links’ product commision platform. For channels that qualify, sponsorships include free products and promotional campaigns for a wide variety of reputable companies. If you ever have a technical problem, YouTube platform question, or experience any other problems, our YouTube-certified expert support staff is there to help! Join Bent Pixels here.
Who does Bent Pixels currently work with?
Bent Pixels currently works with more than 23,000 YouTube channels, including channels belonging to Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan, and thousands of notable YouTube entertainers. Bent Pixels also has strong relationships with various major media companies.
How much money will I make as a Bent Pixels partner?
Though we cannot guarantee earnings of a certain amount, as a partner in the Bent Pixels Network, you would be included with our partners earning among the highest CPMs in the industry. Bent Pixels also provides partners with detailed guides on raising their CPM.
How do payments work at Bent Pixels?
Payments are processed on a 45-day schedule. For example, revenue earned in the month of January is paid in on the 15th of March. All payments are sent through PayPal, and any PayPal fees are covered by Bent Pixels.
Are there additional ways to earn revenue other than through YouTube ad revenue?
Yes, Bent Pixels has a Daily Motion network, and works with Magic Links and Spreadshirt to create other lines of revenue for partners. BP also offers 100% of any contributions made through YouTube’s fan funding feature. Channels showing a dedication to great content and YouTube best practices may also qualify for hands-on assistance from our Audience Development team with brokering brand integration and Influencer marketing opportunities.  We strive to make our channels stand out and to secure interest from brands and advertisers. We always work to support new platform revenue opportunities for our creator partners, such as Facebook video.   To become a Bent Pixels partner, apply here.


I would like to be more present on YouTube. How do I know if your services are right for my business?

Bent Pixels audience development services can bolster your online presence if digital video is part of your business strategy. We are a boutique service agency, one that fully integrates into your team and approach to reduce the workload, provide on-point strategy, and do so at a value. Whether you produce a product or live completely online, an entertainment company or one that educates, Bent Pixels can work for you. Learn more here.

What is your pricing structure?
We have a variable pricing structure depending on size of channel, number of uploads, community engagement needs, and other factors. We typically work on a monthly retainer basis, and that can also include a revenue share model as well. Our team is also able to do one-time consulting or run Influencer outreach campaigns from one to three to multiple months. We are experienced and ready to deliver and educate for you. Let us know what you need and we’d be more than happy to give you a custom estimate!
Why Bent Pixels for audience development?
We believe in hands-on service and value and that organic outreach and contact with your audience is the most important element of growing your online presence. We separate ourselves from the pack by providing honest feedback and assessments while also executing on daily engagement, not just sending over recommendations. Audience development is a long process, one that changes as your company changes, grows as your audience grows. Bent Pixels delivers a firm grasp on how digital video and audiences work online and makes that work for you and your company. Whether you need a quick check up on your presence or a long-term partner, our agile team is there for you every step of the way. To be in touch with our team, contact us.

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