Ode to an Internship

My summer with the Operations division of Bent Pixels’s LA office was an illuminating experience. As a former newbie to all things advertising (other than being an avid consumer of the interweb and the occasional interactive captcha), I had no idea what to expect. I came in with no digital rights background, an outdated Microsoft Office suite, and a very hungry brain. After just three short months, I now leave with AdWords certification, some solid new fonts, and, most importantly, an invaluable experience thanks to an office full of tech experts, entrepreneurs, and would-be rockstars. Oh, and a magician.

A field trip to VidCon 2014 was all it took to evidence just how thriving and massive the YouTube world is. Soon after, visiting LA’s YouTube Space opened my eyes to the resources available to creators, as well as the fact that the site produces increasingly premium content. The more I learned about the space and its players, the more I realized the sheer potential inherent in the industry.

As I did so, my coworkers were supportive and the office culture incredible. Weekdays, though packed, flew by. Every day at Bent Pixels was different and challenging and even dizzying at times. Excel? Never seemed so glorious. For better or for worse, I am now intimately familiar with the timezones spanning Los Angeles and Oslo. Our proprietary tech wowed me, as did its brilliant parents. I drafted NDAs and sat in on partnership deals and rethought keyword bids for video ads. I learned to navigate dashboards for audience development, targeted advertising, digital rights management, and a multi-channel network. Mornings spent generating performance reports on media buys morphed into afternoons getting lost behind the scenes of intellectual property claiming. (Note: There are 4 too many uses of “I” in this paragraph, since successes always came from collaborators, not individuals).

Though technical office hours might’ve been your standard 9 to 5 (in reality Bent Pixels never closes), the scope of work here is anything but. Bent Pixels is truly a one stop shop serving the entire spectrum of YouTube clients. I am grateful for such hands-on experience in an industry with which I’d never previously interacted, and lucky to have done so in such a fast-paced, communicative, and driven company.

Thanks, Bent Pixels.

by Maggie Altergott

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