The Certified Team at Bent Pixels

You’re in good hands: the LA office of Bent Pixels is proud to announce that each employee now has at least one current YouTube or Google certification under his (or, in the case of yours truly, her) belt. Whether in YouTube Rights Management, AdWords Search and Display, or Audience Development, the credentials we’ve received are a testament to the extra work each of us puts in to master the tools we use to help creators and brands.

So what do these credentials and corresponding badges on our site mean? Receiving YouTube certification requires the completion of an in-depth training program and passing of a timed exam covering the course material. Modules for certification include YouTube Platform and Channel Strategy, Content Strategies for Sustainable Viewership, Audience Development Strategy and Methods, MCN Best Practices, Copyright, Monetization and Partner Sales, and Rights Management. Members of our ChannelX team areYouTube certified in several of these categories.

Google certification is available for AdWords, and includes exams testing knowledge of Google products, advertising best practices, and campaign management. Receiving the certified designation requires applying what’s learned from a thorough course on best practices to pass a timed Fundamentals exam as well as a timed advanced module in either of AdWords’s Search and Display formats. The entirety of our Targeted Advertising Team is AdWords certified.

These credentials showcase Bent Pixels’s intimate familiarity with the backbones of the tools we use daily. As Google and YouTube technology develop, so does certification coursework and corresponding exams. We’ll all be staying up-to-date with our certifications to ensure our service evolves with the space.

Terry’s pretty proud to work at BP – and we are, too.

Employee of the Century, Terry the terra cotta warrior, poses with Bent Pixels's certifications.

Employee of the Century (Millennium? Epoch?), Terry the terra cotta warrior, poses with some of Bent Pixels LA’s certifications.

by Maggie Altergott

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