YouTube Stars Cross Over to Television


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It’s finally happening. The YouTube stars that have kept you thoroughly entertained on the web will now start infiltrating your TV as well. Popular YouTuber Grace Helbig of “It’s Grace” has landed a pilot for a new talk show on E!. The talk show has not yet been deemed a late night show, but with the upcoming departure of Chelsea Handler’s late night show, E! certainly has the room to place it there.

While details of the show have not been released, sources say that it will be a blend between sketch comedy and talk show. This will be a natural fit for Helbig, as she is most known for her Vlogs where she talks about anything from her favorite beauty products to tips on staying positive, all while keeping her audience laughing with her trademark deadpan yet charming delivery.

More interesting, however, will be watching Grace’s transition from YouTube star to TV celebrity. Grace has a proven track record of success online, with 1.8 million YouTube subscribers and 700K followers on twitter, not to mention the fact that she has won both a Webby and a Streamy.

However, it’s still hard to say whether her online popularity will transition over to an equally glowing reception on television. Grace does have TV experience, appearing in various shows such as G4’s “Attack of the Show”, VH1’s “Best Week Ever”, and serving as a guest panelist on several episodes of Chelsea Lately. So, will her experience and online following convert to high ratings for her new show?

According to an interview with the Washington Post, Helbig’s main audience demographic is female teens. But as she ventures into new roles – an indie film and a book, just to name a few – it will be interesting to see if her audience fanbase will follow her from one venture to the next. Could Grace be the first case study in YouTube Stardom will transferring into full blown celebrity status? We’ll have to wait and see.

by Jennifer Dagdigian

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