YouTube’s Keynote at VidCon 2014

VidCon 2014: The buzz generated at the Anaheim Convention Center last weekend ranged from competitive community selfies to industry panels on crowdfunding. Of major interest to us at Bent Pixels (after our Rebecca Black sighting, of course) was YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s keynote address on the site’s updated features. Here’s a rundown of some exciting new developments for vloggers and enterprises alike.

Keep the Change
Always wanted to be a 21st century patron of the arts? Not quite at Medici status with your commissioned masterpieces? The Fan Funding feature will make it easy to support your favorite creator with love in its purest form: dollar bills in a virtual tip jar. You’ll be a mere click away from donating anywhere from $1 to $500 directly on the watch page of any video from any creator who signs up. Cha-ching!

Tell ’em how you did it: Creator Credits will be textual tags promoting all collaborators involved in a video’s production. The clickable links, featured right on a video’s watch page, will direct viewers to its content producers, MCNs, influencers, craft services – anybody and everybody who had a hand in the creation process. The result? Promotion for creatives, an organized marketplace for collaborators, and referrals from successful clients. All showcased right at the source!

Real Talk
While YouTube has long offered automated translation and closed captioning generation, humans still do it best. So why not let them? Crowdsourced Translation will enable users to help each other get it right when it comes to language. Fans can submit their own translations of uploaded subtitles and captions, catching the nuances and untranslatables that automated speech recognition still can’t. Uploaders will be able to approve of the submissions, which will connect users spanning continents.

Annotate This
The new version of in-video annotations, aka Information Cards, will look and operate better than their predecessors. Replacing the old format, Info Cards will allow more freedom in design and will work on mobile devices. Clickthroughs, subscribe links, official sites – there’s a Card for that. Retroactively replacing existing annotations may prove difficult, but mighty YouTube will figure out a fix.

On the Go
Creator Studio, YouTube’s new mobile app for managing content and monitoring analytics, is already available for download on Android and will soon grace iOS screens as well. In a world where our iPhones dictate most of our separation anxiety, Creator Studio is the perfect next step in streamlining YouTube channel management. Content creators and MCNs will be able to easily ensure their videos are performing exactly as they should – right alongside their embarrassing SnapChats.

DJ Marbles
Starting this month, a new Sirius XM Radio show hosted by the delightfully irreverent Jenna Marbles will showcase 15 YouTube musicians on a weekly basis. Tuning in to YouTube 15 and its vlogger host, whose channel boasts over 13 million subscribers, will be an entertaining way to get the scoop on big dogs and underdogs in the music industry. Top artists and up-and-comers alike will get airtime and, hopefully, new subs. Win.

A Nod to Gamers
Perhaps most exciting for the controller-wielding community, users can now upload videos featuring 48 and even 60 frames per second – ideal for optimal video game viewing. Gamers will appreciate the enhanced frame rate, as it will emulate the experience they already enjoy on consoles and screens at home. Gamespot has more specs on the upgraded fps support, including three “silky smooth” examples of HD finished products.

Insert Klaxon Here
YouTube’s existing audio library, which features free sounds users can add to their content, will expand. Big time. Thousands of new sound effects supplement the hundreds of royalty-free tracks already available, with even more promised soon. Eventually, users will even be able to contribute their own soundbytes to the library. How many different adorable kitten sounds does that mean? Over/under on that one?

Straight from YT
Want to keep reading? More information about these updates can be found on YouTube’s official creator-friendly blog and Twitter account.

by Maggie Altergott

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