3 Reasons UFC Chose Bent Pixels for YouTube Rights Management

We announced last week our new partnership with UFC, the world’s fastest-growing sports organization, to give them help monitoring their content on YouTube. It’s an important time for UFC’s online growth, as the company approaches its 500 million video view milestone on YouTube.

Ultimate Fighting Championships is one of the biggest content creators on YouTube. Here are three reasons UFC is partnering with us to better understand fan-generated YouTube content.

  1. Outsourcing the job of tracking online video content. About 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Our business is tracking, monetizing, and growing branded online video content. So we free up UFC to focus on their core mission — continued growth as the world’s leading mixed martial arts promoter —  while we do the work of monitoring uploaded UFC video to help address online copyright infringement issues.
  1. Strategic insights on what’s being copied. Whenever a big name in mixed martial arts like Ronda Rousey has a fight, there’s a spike in video posted by fans on YouTube and other platforms. In addition to helping UFC head off unsanctioned video uses, we’re providing vision on what fans like, what they want more of, and what’s being altered. We can tell them where their content is being copied and just how much revenue they are losing, so they maintain control in the fast-changing online video arena.
  1. Manual ID on top of automated ID. Our approach to monitoring online video is unique because it combines automation with a team of real people focused on a brand’s content. We do boots-on-the ground research on characters, discover if material is being copied into other languages, and identify what aspects of content or characters have gone viral. Technology only gets you so far. The human intelligence piece is key.

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