3 Ways to Manually do YouTube Channel Management & How BentPixels Simplifies your YouTube Network

Unless you are brand new to the wonderful world of YouTube, you will have no doubt noticed the semi-recent inclusion of YouTube channel management. This lets authors on YouTube get all of their videos locked into one specific category; it’s like a set of folders to actually keep all of your related and linked videos in the one place for quick and easy access.

After all if you were to be creating a YouTube channel that was built around an episodic format, you want your readers to be able to access your YouTube network as easily as possible.

You can choose to manage your YouTube network manually, or you can pay someone to do it for you. For anyone who wishes to do this, you can find a variety of easy ways to do just that by following any of the three tips below;

You could always use the most tried and trusted way for many people; software. There are various YouTube channel management kits out there that will make your life so much easier and ensure that you have the tools and skills needed to get the job done effectively at the first time of asking. One of the most prominent examples of this kind of software is our own product, BentPixels. If you want to know more about our latest release, keep reading on!

Another way to manage your YouTube network is all on your own; you simply add in the videos yourself, create the links and start promoting it all off your own back. You’ll be spending a lot of time just trying out different settings and ideas, and most of the time will probably find you don’t really get anywhere; however, those breakthroughs that bring clicks, traffic, sales, subscribers and shares are all very much worth it – but it can be made easier

The way that many people are managing their YouTube network manually is through grouped accounts; by linking up your Google+ accounts to your network you can speed up promotion and awareness thanks to the contacts that are spread across each of your individual G+ accounts. Again, this can take time and is a very manual way of building up a list of contacts, but it helps to add a bit more spice to your profile and your marketing efforts

So, now that you know the three main ways of manually doing it yourself – social media, software and the normal YouTube interface itself – what is the best option for you? We spoke earlier on about BentPixels and how it’s one of the more prominent names out there for YouTube channel management. Well, the reason for this is fairly simple – this software gives you everything that you could possibly need to make your marketing life easier by;

  • Allowing you run your entire social video company from the comfort of one piece of software
  • Manage, protect and monetize everything that you’ve previously released, and will release in future
  • Run more than one network of YouTube channels at once
  • Locate new networking chances

And this is just the tip of the iceberg; managing your YouTube network manually takes a lot of time, patience and resources. You could pay someone to do it, sure, but it will hurt your profits and it won’t be your exact vision – we give you all the required tools.

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