5 YouTube Management Tips & Discover BentPixels – Simplified Video Management

For so many businesses out there, the world of video management is completely alien to them; rather than try and learn, either, they will happily pass the project on to someone else and let them deal with it instead. However, video and specifically YouTube management is one of the most powerful – and simple – marketing tools that you can learn and master.

It makes your life so much simpler and will create an easy way to move forward in the long-term; instead of eating into your profits to get some help with video management, you can rely on some of these simple tips and tricks below to help you get more hits and shares;

Create A Brand

The first thing that any good business does is ensures that it has a brand – if you already are a business and have a logo and name etc. you NEED to be using it on here! Make sure that your YouTube channel looks related to your actual business, and give yourself as much personalization as you can.

The pages aren’t too interchangeable but you can certainly make a difference.  When you are affiliating your brand rather than just videos, you can build more long-term followers.

Be Specific

The videos on-site need to actually be specific; ensure that out of all of the YouTube management tips here that you take this one most seriously. Your video network has to be full of relevant content; you might find a lovely video of some cats trying to sing, but does it really work hand-in-hand with your financial advisory business?

Regularly Update

The cousin of death in terms of video management is a lack of new content; people love watching new videos, and they love to see more of that video when they enjoy it. Don’t starve people of new content; get uploading as soon as possible!

Be Social

You see many video management teams totally ignoring the contents sections of their videos; but remember that YouTube was a social media first and foremost. There you need to run it as such; don’t leave yourself open to being neglectful of the comments of your fans; they are the lifeblood of any success you will have.

SEO Your Videos

YouTube management tips don’t come any clearer than this; use keywords in your videos descriptions and pages. You don’t need to use the keywords in the video – the search engines aren’t that smart – but linking keywords into the page can be incredibly lucrative in the long-term for your business.

However, one of the best ways to help with video management is one of the easiest to put in place; using BentPixels. As our most powerful release yet, BentPixels is a comprehensive management tool that lets you take on multiple YouTube channels and manage them from the one place. This lets you do everything you need from helping you monetize and promote your products to making sure that you are as visible as possible.

By providing you with analytics, useful apps and potential partners we believe that BentPixels is your solution!

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