10 Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

So you’ve made your YouTube channel, you’ve uploaded great content, now what? Learning how to promote your YouTube page and maintain relevancy in the media world is a crucial aspect in keeping your channel alive. Our source from ReelSEO tells us 47 ways to promote your own YouTube channel, and we’ve pulled out and elaborated on what we think is most important:

  1. Video Search Engine Optimization: Otherwise known as VSEO, this ensures that your videos get the most views possible by increasing their relevancy and possibility of being found. Each video should have a clear title, a description that explains what happens in the video, and tags. When creating tags, it is best to use more than one word. For example, on a dog video, write “funny dog video” instead of “funny” and “dog” separately. Additionally, your video should have annotations that create calls to action to instigate your audience to engage past your video. For example, an annotation to subscribe to your channel immediately from a video may increase subscriber numbers, and a link to similar videos may increase traffic on other videos on your channel.
  1. Channel Optimization: It is extremely important to ensure that your channel is the most engaging it can be while at the same time utilizing its space and opportunities. First, making and curating playlists on your channel home page is a means of increasing searchability and organization of your channel–users will be able to see what your most important topics are, as well as navigate between them easily. Creating a featured channels tab enhances engagement with other channels and allows your channel to be found by new users and potential subscribers in your vertical. Lastly, a featured video on the home screen is a means of attracting unsubscribed viewers to the channel; it gives you the opportunity to sell your channel in the most enticing way to potential subscribers wanting to hear more from you past this teaser video.
  1. Utilizing Social Media: Social media links are a significant tool to have in your “About” tab as well as in the description section of each of your videos. This helps people easily share your video and learn more about your brand and channel.
  1. True View Advertisements: Individuals with access to a budget for advertising should look into launching a True View campaign through Google Adwords. These are the pre-roll advertisements that often appear before videos on YouTube. ReelSEO states that “you are only charged [for these ads] when someone views the required time for your TrueView ad, and [you] can target where you would like them to appear.” If you choose this route, remember to make your advertisement as engaging as possible so people do not skip it!
  1. Personal Networking: Get out there with the good old business card and start making some connections! Utilize networking events to instigate relationships with other users in the YouTube community and in your particular vertical. Building off others and paying attention to what your competition is doing helps ensure you stay on the cutting edge of your vertical.
  1. Brand Merchandise: To keep up with the celebrities of YouTube, consider following in their footsteps with a clothing or accessory line. For example, Grumpy Cat has her own website with stuffed animals, books and t-shirts. While this route may arguably only be successful for very well known and “famous” YouTube personalities, it is nonetheless a possible path to follow, especially once you reach a strong subscriber base. One user wearing a t-shirt could inspire 5 of his or her friends to look up your videos.
  1. Contests: Humans love free stuff. It’s hard to deny. Why not capitalize on this and hold a contest? A contest to give away something to your subscribers is a way to incentivize your users to engage with your content more. Users could be required to watch a certain video, watch for a certain amount of time or comment on videos in order to win a prize or get something from your channel. Depending on your vertical, a prize pertaining to your channel would likely be most effective, as people subscribe to your channel due to their interest in your genre. For example, a toy review channel may give away a free toy.
  1. Conventions such as VidCon and ReelSEO summit: Stay up to date on everything video, media and YouTube. Being a part of the world’s leading social media site (YouTube) means competition and innovation. Technology is constantly evolving, and attending conventions is the perfect way to be educated on recent news. VidCon has a specifically strong focus on YouTube, as YouTube became its principal sponsor in 2013. It consists of workshops, breakout sessions, and attendees from some of YouTube’s most popular channels. Similarly, ReelSEO summit is focused on digital video marketing. Conveniently, a majority of video marketing is on YouTube and therefore this conference also offers an abundance of knowledge about new technology, advertising, and media affecting the YouTube landscape.
  1. Community Engagement: Community engagement consists mainly of reaching out to users and channels in your vertical to create discussions and relationships. Commenting on and liking others’ videos will not only build a relationship with the channel owner, but can possibly grab the attention of users viewing the video. These users may in turn visit your channel due to a shared interest in the vertical. In the long run, consistent community engagement can significantly help grow your channel’s subscriber numbers and engagement. The YouTube community is very much a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” group of users, and it can be very beneficial to join in on this reciprocity.
  2. Forum Outreach: Forums are large online discussions open to the public. These discussions revolve around a specific topic and contain fans or people interested in similar things. Becoming a trusted member of popular forums is a great way to share your videos and attract audience engagement back to your own channel. Joining these public discussions is an easy way to interact with users in your vertical and show your expertise and talent outside of your own channel. This may attract users with similar interests as you to engage with your channel.

While there are plenty of methods for promoting and building your YouTube channel, it is important to implement a variety of different efforts. This helps ensure that your channel will be seen by a diverse group of people who can further spread the word about your content. These are not the only means of promoting your channel, but we hope these 10 curated tips give you success!

by Mackenzie Hummel

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