Stand out on YouTube: Channel Branding Basics

It’s no surprise that online advertising has become a necessity for brands who want to survive in our technology driven world. While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – just to name a few – allow anyone anywhere to spread their message, navigating these platforms to achieve a strong online audience requires some strategic planning.

YouTube, for instance, allows brands to post short videos representing their products and services. However, throwing your YouTube to the wayside – by not posting content or taking the time to customize your channel – won’t allow your brand’s channel to reach its full potential or the audience you desire.

Thankfully, Bent Pixels has some tried and true ways of utilizing these online platforms to garner a strong online presence for your brand. Today, let’s take a look at how to build a brand on YouTube. We’ll cover the basics step by step, and show you some examples to follow. Ready, set, brand!

Step 1: It’s All About the Content.

The most important element for success on YouTube is great content. No, this doesn’t mean repurposing an old TV ad and posting it to your brand’s channel; having good content means truly taking the time to produce original and entertaining videos that will capture your audience’s attention. GoPro’s YouTube channel is one of the best examples of a brand that has committed to generating frequent and interesting content. When it comes to content, GoPro, you’re doing it right.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.29.10 PM

Step 2: Customize Your Channel.

Your brand’s YouTube channel is an extension of the brand itself, meaning the design, layout, language, and everything else should accurately represent your brand. Your channel design is essential because it is the first thing your audience will see when they visit your channel. The banner, icon, and thumbnails should be customized to properly showcase your brand.

Below is popular YouTuber Michelle Phan’s channel. Michelle’s page is a great example of strong branding on YouTube. She has customized her banner, icon, and thumbnails to help brand herself as a makeup artist and make her easily recognizable across the web.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.29.18 PM

Step 3: Optimize Your Channel.

Optimizing your channel is essential to making it discoverable on YouTube. This means using consistent metadata in your tags, descriptions, and titles to increase search ranking, including relevant links to the brand website and social media, and posting videos across all social media platforms. Organizing your content in relevant playlists will also help viewers easily discover more of your content, encouraging them to come back to your channel again and again.

RedBull is one of the top brands on YouTube. They combine all three elements necessary for success on YouTube: great content, customization, and channel optimization. The RedBull channel has almost 4,000 videos, each with consistent metadata in the titles and descriptions, and well organized in playlists to help curate the user’s viewing experience. RedBull? Nailing it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.29.27 PM

Successfully promoting your brand on YouTube does require a lot of hard work, but the results are well worth it. The increased exposure, search discovery, and community engagement can drive more engaged viewers, brand advocates, and an overall increase of brand awareness. As far as your YouTube channel is concerned, following these three steps of creating content, customizing your channel, and optimizing your channel will allow your brand to have a strong online presence.

by Jennifer Dagdigian

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