Bent Pixels at the ReelSEO Summit

The ReelSEO summit is an annual conference focused on digital video marketing. This year’s summit took place in San Francisco on July 24th and 25th. Our very own Reed Lucas, VP of Partner Channels, was featured as a panel speaker! This article on ReelSEO’s website discusses Reed’s take on leveraging influencers in your video marketing campaigns:

“Reed urges the audience that utilizing influencers to help promote a product can be far more rewarding than a media buy. He demonstrates this through our exemplary influencer outreach campaign with JAKKS Pacific and its newest Godzilla figurine. Our team reached out to 20 influencers and sent them each a “massive Godzilla” figurine in exchange for a video showcasing the toy in a fun, informative or interesting way. Besides a few required talking points to give the correct information about the toy and the necessity to remain brand safe, we gave the users complete creative ownership of these videos. Through this route, we were able to get the most creative and unique videos because each YouTuber had his or her own take on how to best portray the toy. We had a great variety of comedies, action sequences, toy reviews and breakdowns, and so much more! Furthermore, in eliciting the help of very popular YouTube channels, we gained organic promotions through smaller “copycat” channels wanting to build their channel by buying the toy and doing a review themselves.

Overall, our campaign consisted of the cost of sending the toy and the toy itself and earned JAKKS Pacific an estimated $75,000 worth of media.

We strongly recommend looking into influencer campaigns such as this because it is a shot at success on a very reasonable budget. Being resourceful in choosing the right influencers is important. Our team spends a long time researching and evaluating channels that we believe fit the image our program and the company [JAKKS Pacific] are looking for. We considered both YouTube channels with an extremely high following as well as influencers with a growing channel; however, we aimed for 10,000 subscribers and above. Through this range we were able to secure a successful campaign that had a variety of influencers with the ability to reach different areas of the YouTube toy vertical.

Check out our campaign here on JAKKS Pacific’s YouTube channel!”

by Mackenzie Hummel

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