Bent Pixels MCN Reaches 10,000+ Partner Channels

Los Angeles, CA (November 25, 2014) – Bent Pixels is excited to announce that its multi-channel network (MCN) has recently exceeded 10,000 partner channels. Already a top 20 global MCN with 600M monthly views, this recent milestone marks further growth for its YouTube creator business. With the launch of a new partner dashboard and the integration of several third-party value add services earlier this year, Bent Pixels network channels now have access to more tools for understanding their audience, managing multiple channels and videos, monetizing content, and collaborating with the larger creator community.

The Bent Pixels multi-channel network is composed of 12 subnetworks, focused on different content verticals, including the top 5 gaming network Vultra and the youth production network AdolescentTV. The BP network has historically reached a predominantly young male audience in the comedy and gaming verticals, but recent growth has been fueled by the addition of lifestyle, entertainment, music, and political channels as well as the admission of several international partners. Founder & CEO Mike Pusateri commented, “We are thrilled to surpass this very unique milestone in the online video industry. We take pride in offering consistent value to our partners and will be expanding upon that effort early next year with a BIG partner related announcement. Thank you to all of our incredible content creators for helping us make Bent Pixels an enormous success.”

Bent Pixels partners range from comedy superstar Kevin Hart and popular Australian vlogger Jamie Curry to Lego gaming enthusiast packattack04082. “This achievement exemplifies our commitment to helping channels reach their goals on YouTube regardless of size. We are excited to help the existing and new partners in our network accomplish their dreams,” said Vice President of Networks Reed Lucas. With thousands of new partner applications submitted each month and additional advances in its technology and service offerings, Bent Pixels is poised for additional community growth in 2015.

 About Bent Pixels
Bent Pixels is a video technology company that helps creators and brands grow online audiences, monetize content, and advertise effectively on YouTube. As a Google and YouTube certified partner, Bent Pixels has years of expertise and data on the world’s largest video platform.

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