Bent Pixels Releases New Partner Contract Giving a Shorter Duration and Better Revenue Share!!

Los Angeles, CA (December 2, 2014)

Bent Pixels has just announced a brand new contract for new and existing partners of their Multi-Channel network. Officially launching January 1st 2015, the new partnership agreement will have many new beneficial additions and advancements from their old agreement including a shortened contract length and far more competitive revenue share for the company’s partners. The contract uses a unique tiered structure which will increase creators’ percentages as they grow and develop their channels, without the need to sign a new contract. The agreement has a strong focus on giving all YouTube creators a fair revenue share based on their commitment to growing their brand and creating more engaging content. Channels in the network will now have the ability to earn up to a 90% revenue share.

Reed Lucas, the Vice President of Partners Networks said, “We have recognized trends in the marketplace and our decision to revise our contract for channel partners represents our response to those trends. Our new contract leads the way in terms of duration and revenue splits when combined with the industry leading support and technology channel partners receive.”

In addition to a new partner contract, the company is also launching a new partner referral program which will allow its creators to refer their friends to Bent Pixels and in doing so, earn monthly commissions for each referral. Bent Pixels is also working to release proprietary audience development and optimization tools which will create a far more efficient approach when managing one or more YouTube channels with a large amount of videos.

“We are seeing many large channels leave their respective networks due to poor performance and lack of support. We welcome these channels to join Bent Pixels to receive all of the benefits we have to offer including a better deal from the start.” – Mike Pusateri, CEO of Bent Pixels

Bent Pixels is a video technology and digital rights company specializing in rights management, YouTube networking, audience development and targeted advertising. As both a YouTube and Google certified company, and top 20 MCN, they now have partnered more than 10,000 partners across their 12 virtual networks who together, consistently surpass 600M views each month.

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