Has YouTube Red made your MCN’s creator payouts too complicated? We’ve got this.

Less than two months after YouTube Red’s launch, Bent Pixels releases the first solution for automating subscription earnings distribution to your network’s creators.

As with so many in the online video space, we’re preoccupied with YouTube Red.  At Bent Pixels, our mission is to make online video a simpler and more profitable business to be in, and we’re constantly exploring ways help our MCN clients adapt and succeed in an ever-changing ecosystem.

A major pain point we identified early on was accurately splitting earnings from advertising with thousands of creators. In response, we developed an automated payment system that would maximize our clients’ time and cost-efficiency.

With the release of YouTube Red, our clients now have to contend with a new revenue stream, and four new earnings reports for each of their content owners on YouTube.  Manually aggregating subscription earnings from these reports, applying a revenue share, and adding that number to existing earnings from advertising was causing headaches and spreadsheet overload.

We’re pleased to announce a solution: we’ve integrated YouTube Red into our existing, easy payments system. Users simply drag and drop their earnings reports from YouTube, and payments automatically calculate.  We love this feature, as it transforms thousands of tedious payout adjustments into a simple, one-touch process for our clients.


Automating creator payments is just one function of Bent Pixels’s Network Management Suite.  In addition to payments, this amazing tool set makes managing a growing video network easy by streamlining channel applications and contracts, facilitating network communication, and providing business intelligence.  

We’re pleased to be the first software company in the social video industry to offer a payments solution for YouTube Red subscription earnings.  We are committed to quickly solving new challenges presented by a constantly evolving industry. It’s our goal to continue providing valuable and timely solutions for our customers.

We’d be happy to share the YouTube Red creator payouts feature in a custom demo.  For more information, request a demo at BentPixels.com.

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