How to Monetize Youtube Videos with BentPixels and Use Youtube for Marketing

It is becoming increasingly clear that Youtube is a powerful marketing platform. The ability to connect directly to an unlimited audience with video content is almost unprecedented. However, tapping into the marketing potential of Youtube is a difficult challenge to overcome without third-party tools that streamline the process. Using Youtube for marketing is not as easy as throwing some ads up on an official channel. To really monetize Youtube videos and take full advantage of the medium, businesses should use BentPixels.
BentPixels provides many many services that make life easier for marketers working on Youtube. The service is a powerful suite of tools for managing the content your business places on Youtube, the channels and partners you use to release that content, and the rights you hold over your content. It takes all of these factors to monetize Youtube videos effectively. Building up a revenue stream from a multi-channel network is a good approach, but administering such a network, building in new content partners, and protecting the network’s content is almost impossible without a robust management solution.
There are more ways a third-party service can help. One of the most important resources in online marketing in general, as well as Youtube in particular, is customer data. Knowing who is engaging the most with your content is critical information, because it tells you who is most likely to be a valuable customer in the future. This is also a good way to track what kind of customers are only partly engaged, and understand what turns them off from the content. Analyzing this data is a great way to learn about your customer base, what draws them to your content, and where you might be able to expand.
On top of that, optimizing videos for SEO using bulk editing will let your promote your content en mass. Using Youtube for marketing means that you need to ensure that your content appears as high as possible in search results for your keywords. Good content draws in viewers on its own, but SEO helps increase how quickly your content is discovered by the wider community.
Managing the different channels of your network is also important. A good MCN will have different channels with different categories of content, but being able to administer them all from one central interface is a huge time-saver. Larger networks have larger administrative needs, but they can also generate more revenue, so it’s critical to stay on top of those tasks to maximize the return on investment.
It never hurts to take a look at the competition. Our service lets you scan Youtube’s entire database with advanced filters, so that you can see what similar channels exist in your space. That way, you will understand what other content providers your viewers might be checking out, and you can design content that will outperform the competition.

The bottom line is that to monetize Youtube videos, you need to have a platform to manage your content. BentPixels is the top of the line platform for this, because it has industry-leading capabilities paired with an intuitive interface that scales easily with the number of channels you control. There is no upper bound to how many channels or videos you can use with our service- we can handle it all with ease.

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