How Claw Kicker Found YouTube Success Through Crane Games

How Claw Kicker Found YouTube Success Through Crane Games


Claw machines are tricky. They’re found in countless arcades, restaurants, shopping malls and laundromats. Players often lose tens of dollars at a time hoping for sweet prizes such as plush dolls, toys, electronic gadgets, and even money. Working the metal crane for a shot at a prize is an enormous task, but Aaron “Claw Kicker” Hipps found success where many others failed, and now his focus on the prize rewards him in ways he never expected.

Clawing His Way to the Top

Aaron started his YouTube channel “Claw Kicker” in April 2011, and its primary focus was on showcasing claw machines and crane games of all sorts. Today he’s very active on his channel, engaging with his audience of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He has done so well that he’s been able to buy a few machines of his own! A local fan even left a note on a machine thanking Aaron in one of his more recent videos. His viewers often cheer him on as he tries out machines in hopes of winning cool and rare prizes, and in his downtime, he vlogs about his day and looks for new crane contraptions to beat.

But in the summer of 2014, Aaron almost walked away from creating content because the channel wasn’t growing as expected. Aaron only earned $74 a month and had roughly 3,900 subscribers at the time. He wanted to call it quits, but like a metal claw descending onto a fluffy teddy bear only for it to slip out of its grasp, he wanted to try one more time. Around this time, Bent Pixels reached out to help promote Aaron’s content through audience development and channel support, which ultimately led to exponential growth for Claw Kicker. By February 2015, Claw Kicker was up to around 11,000 subscribers and that was only the beginning.

One More Grasp

Aaron took the Bent Pixels team’s advice and direction by creating fresh content, reaching out to his core fan base and delivering the content they were looking for. By February 2016, his earnings had seen a dramatic increase and continues to grow month over month. He increased the channel’s video production values with intros and outros, used better equipment, and developed a more consistent posting schedule. Claw Kicker’s growth has exceeded everyone’s expectations and is now his full time job. As of November 2016, Aaron’s channel has over 450,000 subscribers and over 67 million total views!

In less than two years, Claw Kicker has grown into the premier channel for claw machines and crane games. Because Aaron has shown great potential and excellent growth, we’re proud to say that his amazing channel is now a part of Bent Pixels Select. This means he has access to premium service from our team. With tons of hard work and professionalism, he has shown us all how, with a little bit of guidance, dedication and patience, creators can prosper and claim a prize of their own.

Here’s Aaron with a recent video featuring Bent Pixels giveaways:


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