The Necessity of Insta-Fame

While an endless amount of social media sites exist to help users “make it” in the world of media and entertainment, one in particular is becoming the next necessity: Instagram. While leading YouTube stars already have a strong platform of content on their channel, none are forgetting the significance of keeping the audience constantly entertained. Instagram is the means of keeping users updated when these YouTube personalities are away from their computers. A recent article by ReelSEO discusses tips for enhancing your Instagram videos and hints to us the rising significance of being Instagram savvy in the world of digital media. Author Sarah Fama reveals to us that Instagram boasts over 200 million active users a month as well as 20 billion photos and videos shared. Additionally, she addresses the concept that Instagram is beginning to excel where YouTube falters: as more people are turning to their phones for viewing content, it is difficult for YouTube and Facebook to incorporate paid advertising while not bothering viewers. On the contrary, Instagram was created for mobile devices and thus Instagram videos have the potential to reign supreme.

However, these statistics should not be scaring users away from YouTube but instead encouraging hopeful stars to launch their own strong Instagram profile in addition to their popular YouTube content. In a recent article about Vidcon, one of the leading YouTube conventions, Mashable highlighted 14 of the amazing top YouTube personalities in attendance. Among these are Smosh, TheFineBros, Bethany Mota, and Shane Dawson. Every single one of these stars as well as the 10 others mentioned in the article all have strong Instagram profiles to enhance their YouTube presence. Similarly to their YouTube channel, these users’ Instagrams offer a variety of random content: from selfies and friends to pets, jokes, and food. The important aspect to recognize about these profiles is that they do not appear to take much effort to uphold–consisting simply of snapshots throughout the day. Outside of Vidcon, YouTube’s top grossing star PewDiePie–earning up to $8.47 million a year according to an article for Business Insider–also has a healthy Instagram with almost 2 million followers.

If YouTubers sincerely want to make it to the top in the YouTube sphere, they should begin to look outside of their channel. Analyzing the growing importance of Instagram clarifies that in the world of celebrity, one platform is simply not enough. This may be because Instagram is providing the ease of access and speed of delivery that fans can access anywhere on the go. While the 5-15 minute insightful and entertaining YouTube video clips cannot currently be replaced by Instagram, its platform has created a beneficial addition to the lifestyle YouTube stars are attempting to create. A simple snapshot of today’s outfit, tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s concert ticket is becoming a crucial window into these YouTube stars’ lives.

by Mackenzie Hummel

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