New Fan Funder Enabled for All Bent Pixels Partners – Earn 100% of Revenue!

YouTube has just announced an incredible new feature for all YouTube MCN partners called Fan Funding! Fan Funding is a “Tip” support service allowing YouTube users to fund their favorite content creators. This is similar to the popular Kickstarter website designed to raise money for projects only in YouTube there is no product because well, the product is the content creators!

Enabling this feature is very simple, however there are some basic rules to abide by to ensure that partners do not get in any trouble by violating YouTube’s terms for this feature.

Channel creators must be 18 years or older to enable this feature. In addition, you must not use Fan Funding to solicit or accept any payments for specific product purchases or organizational support. An example of this is raising money for political causes or for a particular service. Channel partners are encouraged to understand which possible solicitations are against Fan Funding terms. Imagine this more like people generously tipping a street performer for their great work, not helping them buy a Mercedes.

To actually begin the enable process, channel creators must open their YouTube settings and go to “View Additional features”. From here there will be a button to enable Fan Funding. Partners will have the option to create a greeting message and thank you message, including a video for all of their supporters.

To donate to another channel, simply visit and a channel and click the support button on the right and select the amount that you would like to tip that creator. Keep in mind you the minimum tip amount is $1.00.

How Will Payments Work?

Payments for partners from tips given with Fan Funding will all operate through the content owner or MCN of the partnered channel. YouTube states that partners will receive the percentage of donations specified in their MCN contract, however we have decided to give all of our partners 100% of their Fan Funding earnings! The only charge made is the transaction fee through Paypal. We have decided not to profit from our partners’ Fan Funding in any way because we feel that our partners deserve all funding that other YouTuber’s have decided to give them.

In the future, partners will be able to track their Fan Funding earnings through the partner dashboard, however this is not available yet so we encourage our current partners and new partners to check back to see the improvements we make in the coming weeks!

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