Livestream for Save the Children: Bent Pixels Stream-a-thon on Twitch

Livestream for Save the Children: Bent Pixels Stream-a-thon on Twitch


We’re very excited to announce that Bent Pixels is hosting a 48-hour Stream-a-thon in support of Save the Children from Friday, August 26th to Sunday, August 28th on our Twitch channel.  Bent Pixels talent managers Shane Johnson, Jason Martone, and Thomas Burleigh began this initiative as a fundraiser through the Onivox Foundation, and now it has grown into a three-day live event with Bent Pixels partners!  Your support and participation will benefit you as a content creator as well as the amazing cause.

How to Participate

This stream will focus on gamers. We believe our strong gaming community can run an incredibly successful charity stream. To game for charity, apply here.

We’ll let you know by August 25th if you are on the roster and which time slot you have. The 48-hour period lasts from 5:00 pm EST on Friday until 5:00 pm EST on Sunday.

Viewers tuning in to the stream can donate, interact with the person streaming through the chat, and even get involved in an online multiplayer game with the streamer! In addition to our Twitch channel, we’ll be using the Twitter hashtag #twitchstreamforcharity.


We want to provide an atmosphere where everyone can watch the stream. All games rated E (Everyone) through T (Teen), will be given the green light, while games rated M (Mature 17+), and games with no rating will need approval from the Bent Pixels’ stream managers. Games rated AO (Adults Only) will not be approved.


Experienced stream managers and moderators will help move the stream along smoothly. They will also be interacting with the chat every so often to make sure everything is in check, and that everyone is having the best experience possible.

Feel free to spread the word by sharing this info on social media, and invite friends to participate!


Throughout the stream, we’ll be giving away Bent Pixels merchandise, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs. Just donate to the cause from the provided link during the stream to be entered into these giveaways!

  • $2 donation – chance to win a BP mug
  • $5 donation – chance to win a BP t-shirt
  • $10 Donation – chance to win a BP sweatshirt

Of course, you may donate to our Save the Children fundraiser at any time here.

Our Vision

At Bent Pixels, charity work is a big part of who we are as a company and our staff as individuals. We support multiple causes including The Shade Tree, The Boys and Girls Club of America, the United Way, and Pledge 1%. Learn more about Bent Pixels and our company philosophy here. For more information about Save the Children, visit the organization’s website.

Join Us

We look forward to seeing you all online on Friday, August 26th at 5:00 pm EST for the kick-off with our team of talent managers and BP’s Director of Networks.

If you have any questions, contact us.



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