7 Tips to Increase Your CPM on YouTube – 2015 Edition

Many of us wonder how we can turn our YouTube channel into a way to earn income. There are many factors to contribute to a successful channel including great content, great optimization, reasonable frequency, community engagement etc. But to truly make YouTube a business it is important to spend time understanding how to increase your CMP (Cost per thousand monetizable views) on YouTube.

Reed Lucas, our resident YouTube expert scoured the web for the best recommendations on how to optimize your channel and videos to increase your CPM. In this video we cover 7 tips that will ultimately lead to a higher CPM on your YouTube channel. Here they are!

1. Upgrade Your Channel Meta Data, About Tab and Monetization Settings
2. Improve Your Video Search Engine Optimization
3. Create Amazing, Intriguing Custom Thumbnails
4. Close Caption ALL of your videos – Do it!
5. Increase Your Watch Time = Improved Ranking in Search
6. Better Content, Pick a Topic and Stick to it!
7. Be Brand Safe!

If you spend time applying these recommendations to your channel you will start to see your average CPM raise over time effectively making you more money.

It is important to note however that joining a respectable network such as Bent Pixels will also help raise your CPM. Additionally, as explained in the video it is important to understand that your CPM is based on monetizable views and can be viewed in the ad performance section of your analytics. Monetizable views usually come in at roughly 40% of your total views because of YouTube’s average fill rate.

Here is where to find your ad performance data on your YouTube channel:

Ad Performance Data


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