Upgrade Your YouTube Channel Like a Pro! – 2015 Edition

Here at Bent Pixels, we are a group of YouTube professionals who believe in helping our partners grow their channels by assisting them in laying the best foundation for success on YouTube. The latest video release takes that philosophy to the next level by showing not just our partners, but the whole world how to upgrade a YouTube channel like a professional.

As the VP of Partner Networks and Channel X, I have decided to share this information because it is imperative that creators have as much information as possible to make their effort on YouTube more successful. Rather than spend hours reading through the YouTube Creator Playbook, I have decided to make this video so that channel creators can do a full upgrade in 1 hour. You’re welcome 🙂

This video is a long-form video that walks channel creators step-by-step through the process of upgrading their channels in order to lay a solid foundation for success on YouTube.

Everything a channel creator ever needed to know about upgrading their channel is included in this video. If they simply open their channels, and follow along with this video, by the end of this process they should see better search ranking, higher CPMs, better display of their content, and more.

So grab some coffee and some hot pockets and get started. We are happy to provide you this information so that you may be more successful, and be one step closer to accomplishing your dream of being a successful YouTuber.

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