Bent Pixels is a full-service boutique for expanding your brand through digital video. We provide expert brand protection and growth services through digital rights management, audience development, and influencer marketing.

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We are a trusted copyright protection service provider for a number of major media partners and brands, including Disney, FUNimation, UFC, and many others.  Our Brand Protection team helps monitor and monetize your IP by:

check  Using proprietary software powered by Paladin to find copyrighted material missed by YouTube’s Content ID system.

check  Tracking content early in the claiming cycle, enabling monetization of unclaimed videos at the peak of their popularity.

check  Identifying and taking action on false claims WORK WITH US


Our priority is authenticity when we match your brand and the right influencer. Aided by powerful talent-sourcing technology our team delivers:

  Successful influencer outreach campaigns

  Increased brand awareness

  Immediate consumer feedbackWORK WITH US


Organic channel growth is our audience development team’s strength. Our services include:

  Premium channel management

  Video search engine optimization (VSEO)

  Advanced community engagement

  Strategic content recommendationsWORK WITH US

Our philosophy is one of personalized service tailored to your needs.

Driven by an experienced audience development team and the best rights management software in the business, we offer package and a la carte services for brand management, protection, and growth.


We believe that in the age of multi-platform dominance, no brand can afford to miss the digital video opportunity.

Whether you represent an entertainment company, a government organization, or an educational initiative, Bent Pixels will provide you with targeted results:




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