What sets us apart?
Utilizing our exclusive licensing and targeting capabilities on YouTube, we empower creators to earn up to 200% more revenue, while enabling brands to effectively reach the elusive young adult male demographic.

What we do

Content Licensing
Bent Pixels provides quick licensing solutions that empower creators to unlock the full potential of their content library with a substantial upfront cash investment, enabling them to scale their business with greater flexibility and minimal risk.
Creator Services
Ready to take your content creation to the next level? Look no further than Bent Pixels – the #1 YouTube Management partner for building your brand and earning revenue. Our expert team handles everything from custom content editing for Short & Long Form content, to title & custom thumbnail strategy. We focus on the important metrics that matter, like CTR and audience retention. With our service, you can focus on what matters: creating amazing content. We’ll take care of everything else needed to refine your brand, grow your audience, and maximize success on the platform.
Reserved Media
We hold exclusive licenses to sell media for our creator channels, and our network of top-tier brands and media agencies enables us to craft truly bespoke media campaigns that align perfectly with our creators’ audience. With our expertise and resources, we can generate more revenue for creator channels than they can make on their own.
Branded Integration & Performance Marketing
Unleash the full revenue-generating potential of your content in the digital space with our Branded Integration and Performance Marketing Team. Our team collaborates with a curated selection of brands to align them with some of the biggest creator names in the industry. If you are looking to experience a significant boost in your cash flow, let us help take your financial success to new heights!

What we do

Reserved Media
Our direct connection to the industry’s top creators enables exclusive access to the media inventory of the most influential Esports organizations, gaming influencers, and male lifestyle channels. As a premier YouTube channel partner, we are your gateway to the cutting-edge content that defines today’s digital culture. Trust us to maximize your brand’s reach with our proven expertise in leveraging the full power of YouTube’s platform. With each media campaign, Bent Pixels uses its proprietary 1st party data and analytics to generate a true analysis of your media performance across audience, genre, device, creator, video and more to provide brands and agencies with the insights they need now for marketing efficiencies in the future.
Data Insights
Beyond our unique targeting capabilities, we provide key insights into performance beyond the standard click/impression metrics to give brands a deeper understanding of who’s engaging with their brand. This allows for data-driven decision making when it comes to investing with teams, creators, and game titles. As owners of one of the largest esports and gaming data banks in the world, we offer unparalleled insights into the consumption habits of this rapidly growing market. Our proprietary CMS and strategic Google Analytics Partnership provide deep, data-driven insights that can help you stay ahead of the competition.
Branded Integration & Performance Marketing
Unleash the full potential of your brand in the digital space with our Branded Integration and Performance Marketing Team. Our team collaborates with a handpicked selection of premium talent to align them with some of the biggest names in the industry. With access to a diverse group of hundreds of digital creators, streamers, and influencers, we deliver turnkey integrations that blend seamlessly into existing formats or fully dedicated original branded pieces. Let us help you elevate your brand’s presence and connect with your audience in a way that truly resonates.

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